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As a high school student,

we know you are busy not only with your high school work, but preparing for college. This is an exciting time, full of questions about your future. While we can’t predict if you will like your roommate or get good grades, we hope this brochure will answer some of your questions about the social scene at Missouri’s colleges and universities.

Who are MissourI’s college students?*

Most make healthy choices when it comes to drinking alcohol

Most don’t drink and drive

Most don’t smoke

Most drink less than 2 drinks per week

Most use a designated driver when they choose to drink

Party Scene Preview

While some students may choose to not be responsible with alcohol, most college students in Missouri are successful because they know how to use alcohol responsibly. Most college students drink responsibly and some don’t drink at all.

Most college students

Understand and respect university, city, and state laws about alcohol. It is illegal to consume alcohol if you are under 21.
Don’t drink to get wasted or drunk.
Watch how much their friends drink and help their friends if they have had too much to drink.
Pay attention to how much they are drinking. Men should limit themselves to 1 drink per 1 hour and women should keep to 1 drink per 1.5 hours.
Use a designated driver who has consumed no alcohol.
Always watch their drink, never accept drinks from strangers, and never leave their drink attended.


one drink

What College Students Want You to Know

“Get involved on campus. If you are looking for a way to meet people, student organizations are the place to be. Consider becoming a peer educator. You can help other students make healthy choices and have a lot of fun!”
- Kristy, college senior

“Seek help when you need it. Most colleges have free health centers and counseling for students. Check it out!”
- Dave, college sophomore

“Be prepared to feel unprepared. Nothing you will read can prepare you totally to enter college. We all feel the same way. Have fun and remember why you came to college in the first place.”
- Jack, college junior

“My freshmen year, I went partying on a Wednesday night and ended up sleeping through classes and a test the next day. Remember that your week is for school and weekend nights are for fun. Just be prepared to be a student on Monday.”
- Julie, college sophomore

“It’s easy to blame others for your mistakes. Be an adult and take responsibility for your life and your actions.”
- Nate, college freshman

“Get a planner or a calendar so that you can plan time for studying and time for fun.”
- Kayla, college freshman

“Never say ‘there is nothing to do on a weekend’. There are tons of activities, events, and campus recreation activities to keep you busy all four years of college.”
- Amy, college senior

*MCHBS 2014