As a parent of a future or current college student,

we know that two of the biggest concerns you have are whether your student will be safe and whether or not your student will succeed academically. Both of these concerns are understandable and often closely tied to the use of alcohol and other drugs in the college environment.

54% of Missouri college students indicated their family does not talk about prescription drug misuse.

You can help prevent prescription drug misuse in the college environment by:

Talking to your student about keeping medications safe and out of sight.

Properly disposing of any unused medication at your home and encouraging your college student to properly dispose of their medication when they are finished with it.

Talk to your student

84% of Missouri college students think it is easy for the typical student to obtain prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription.**

pills Lack of education on this issue has resulted in misinformation and ignorance on the dangers of misusing prescription drugs. These medications are also readily available due to the high amount of these drugs being prescribed. This access is an underlying factor of this growing problem; many who misuse prescription drugs purchase or are given them by friends. They are also obtained through medicine cabinets and abusing prescriptions. Not only is this dangerous and illegal but it is also preventable!

Prescription drugs can help us live longer and healthier lives - but only if they are used properly under medical direction. Be sure to talk to your student about the risks of prescription drugs and what can be done to prevent their misuse.

Keep meds low-profile

Encourage your student to keep their medications low profile and store their medications in a locked box or cabinet out of sight. They can pick one up from their local pharmacy.

53% of Missouri college students who misuse prescription drugs without a prescription were given them, often through their family and friends.*

Remind your student not to share their medications with anyone. Not only is it dangerous for others to take medications not prescribed to them, but you can be held legally responsible for distribution of a controlled substance.

Proper disposal

Remind your student to take old and unused medications to their local disposal drop-box or take-back event. (Check out mopip.org/RX/resources.html for local resources). If neither of these options are available in their area, encourage your student to read their prescription label, talk to their pharmacist, or check out the FDA’s safe disposal guidelines.

Also remind them to scratch out the label to protect their personal information.

Misusing prescription drugs isn't just dangerous, it's illegal.

In mMssouri, illegal possession of prescription drugs is a Class C felony.

All prescription drugs must be kept in the original prescription container with your prescription label.
If you do not keep them in the original container, the burden is on you to prove you have a legal prescription.

Fraudulently attempting to obtain a controlled substance is a Class D felony.
This includes providing false information to obtain a prescription, claiming to be a physician or authorized person, and forging prescriptions or drug labels.

It is illegal to distribute prescription drugs to anyone.
This includes giving drugs to a friend. In addition, it is a class A felony to distribute a controlled substance within 2,000 feet of any school. Missouri colleges and universities are included in the law.

* Two most commonly endorsed means of who gave the students the RX
** Very easy to somewhat easy