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Joan Masters

Senior Coordinator

Joan Masters is the Project Director of Partners in Prevention and has worked with PIP since 2001. Joan is responsible for the training and technical assistance that PIP provides to the 24 member campuses and serves as the Primary Investigator for PIP’s grant projects. Joan provides oversight to the Partners in Prevention projects such as the Missouri Assessment of College Health Behaviors and the Meeting of the Minds conference. She is able to assist campuses with coalition building, implementing evidence-based strategies, building peer education programs, and strategic planning. Joan is a Missouri Advanced Prevention Specialist and received both her Masters and Bachelor’s degrees in Education from the University of Missouri. Joan enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering with youth sports in her community, gardening, and cooking.


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Margo Leitschuh

Communications Coordinator

Margo Leitschuh leads the Prevention and Implementation Team of Missouri Partners in Prevention and has been with PIP since 2017. Margo helps coordinate projects related to substance misuse prevention, suicide prevention, and bystander intervention. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Health Science and is a passionate public health professional. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and baking, watching movies, and playing with her two cats.

Eric Filcoff

Creative Coordinator

Eric Filcoff is the graphic designer for Partners in Prevention. He has been with PIP since his graduation from the University of Missouri in 2004. In his free time, he enjoys playing with bikes and drinking coffee.

Molly Lindner

Communications Assistant

Molly Lindner is the Communications Assistant for Partners in Prevention. She graduated from William Woods University with a major in graphic design and subsequently graduated from Baylor University with a Masters in Educational Administration for Higher Education Administration. Most recently she served as the first full-time Title IX Coordinator for Columbia College where she worked closely with Partners in Prevention. Molly is an avid believer in lifelong learning and consistently yearns for new opportunities to help those around her be their own best selves.


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Kayleigh Greenwood

Research Coordinator

Kayleigh Greenwood (she/her/hers) is a Research Coordinator with Partners in Prevention. Kayleigh began working with PIP during her Master of Public Health in Epidemiology program at Columbia University, where she graduated from in April 2021. She works closely with the research team to enter and analyze data from the MACHB survey, conduct data-driven site visit presentations to our 24 college campuses, and most recently has begun working with other staff members to develop a new bystander intervention program. In her free time, Kayleigh enjoys reading, watching movies, and being a good mom to her house plants.

Megan Mottola

Research Coordinator

Megan Mottola is a research coordinator with Partners in Prevention. She graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a Masters in Kinesiology, Sport and Exercise Psychology specialization. She works alongside the research team to implement and analyze data for the MACHB survey, in addition to providing evaluation support to implement statewide safety programs for the campuses in the PIP coalition. Megan has a passion for learning, and is always seeking opportunities to gain knowledge - not only to expand upon her own understandings, but to share it with others.

Hope Edwards

Research Coordinator

Hope Edwards (she/they) is a research intern with Partners in Prevention. They graduated with their bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri in May 2022 where they worked with MACHB data for their capstone. She is currently enrolled at the University of Missouri to obtain her master's in Data Science & Analytics. In her free time, Hope enjoys reading, playing video games, and Magic the Gathering.

Shanelle Mooore

BOLD Fellow, Mid America PTTC

Shanelle Moore was born and raised in Chicago, IL. She relocated to Columbia, MO in 2012 to begin her undergraduate career at the University of Missouri - Columbia. During that time, she developed a love for helping people and found that to be her area of passion. Shanelle graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Sciences with emphasis in Family and Lifespan Development and a minor in Social Justice. After graduating, she began working in the community to help meet the needs of the people. She has over 10 years of trauma-informed social service experience that allowed her to be exposed to the issues communities face regarding substance use and health & wellness. While serving the community, she discovered her purpose in life, which is being the voice for the underserved populations in the face of adversity. Shanelle strives to bring equity, cohesiveness, and stability in communities to enhance the quality of them. She is currently pursuing a dual master’s degree in Public Health and Social Work from the University of Missouri in hopes of moving into more macro and mezzo level practices to address social and health disparities.

Lexi Gow

Research Intern

Lexi Gow is a Research Intern with Partners in Prevention. Lexi began working with PIP during her Master of Public Health in Epidemiology program at George Washington University, where she will graduate from in March, 2024. Lexi works closely with the research team to implement and analyze data from the MACHB survey. Lexi has a zealous nature and deep passion for self-improvement. Outside of the office, Lexi can be found indulging in a good book, cooking, hiking, or gardening.

Kate Kazlauskas

Program Coordinator

Kate Kazlauskas is a program coordinator with Partners in Prevention and primarily manages the alcohol misuse prevention programs funded by the Missouri Department of Transportation. Kate is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), she earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Kentucky where she created her own major, Sexual and Reproductive Health Studies. She later earned her Master of Arts in Health Studies from University of Alabama, where she discovered her passion for helping educate young people about their health. In her free time, Kate enjoys traveling, hanging out with her dog, and indulging in reality tv.

Jess Breyfogle

Engage Program Intern

Jess Breyfogle is a senior Health Science student at Truman State University, and she works in the Womens' Resource Center on campus. Jess is a Certified Peer Educator and Engage Facilitator and is working as an intern on the Prevention and Implementation Team with the Engage program this summer. In her free time, she likes to cook, read, and watch movies.

Brittany Carpenter

Tobacco Prevention Coordinator

Brittany Carpenter is a Tobacco Prevention Coordinator with Partners in Prevention. She graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Exercise Science and later obtained her Master of Public Health from Concordia University with a focus in Community Health Education. Outside of work, Brittany loves to golf, garden, and read. She spends a lot of time with family, including her husband, two little boys, and two dogs.