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President/Chancellor Letters of Commitment

In fall 2014, campus Presidents and Chancellors at PIP campuses across Missouri signed Letters of Commitment to show their support to addressing critical campus health and safety issues on their campus and in their communities. Partners in Prevention wishes to thank them for their tremendous support and visionary leadership. Below is the Letter of Commitment signed by our administrators.

Consisting of 23 public and private colleges and universities, the institutional members of PIP focus on lowering college student underage and high-risk drinking, impaired driving, and other health behaviors with negative consequences. In order to achieve healthier and safer campus communities, improve retention and decrease high-risk and underage alcohol use rates, campuses implement strategic plans for prevention that include evidence-based strategies.

Colleges and universities strive to be safe places where students thrive academically and grow personally, socially, and professionally. As leaders of institutions of higher education in the State of Missouri, it is our duty to create a campus and community culture that encourages, supports, and enhances every student’s potential.

The biggest obstacles to college students’ success and retention is the misuse and misuse of alcohol, the misuse of drugs, and gender violence. College and university presidents and chancellors must address the problems caused by the inappropriate, unhealthy, and illegal use of alcohol, including gender violence. College officials must work to change the campus and community environment through an integrated combination of programs, policies, and educational campaigns.

Therefore, as a leader of an institution of higher education in the State of Missouri, I hereby express our institution’s continued commitment to serve as a proud member of Missouri Partners in Prevention. As a leader of my institution, I hereby express my commitment to:

  1. Support the work of the Partners in Prevention professionals on my campus
  2. Support the work outlined in the annual strategic plan for prevention, authored by the Partners in Prevention professionals on my campus
  3. Foster campus and community collaboration to create an environment and culture that supports and encourages healthy and responsible decision-making about alcohol
  4. Communicate to all of our constituents that our campus does not tolerate the misuse of alcohol and drugs


  1. Drury University - Dr. J. Timothy Cloyd
  2. Jefferson College - Dr. Dena McCaffrey
  3. Maryville University - Dr. Mark Lombardi
  4. Missouri State University - Clifton "Clif" M. Smart III J.D.
  5. Missouri University of Science + Technology - Dr. Mohammad Dehghani
  6. Missouri Western State University - Dr. Elizabeth Kennedy
  7. Northwest Missouri State University - Dr. John Jasinski
  8. Rockhurst University - Rev. Thomas B. Curran, S.J.
  9. Saint Louis University - Dr. Fred P. Pestello
  1. Southeast Missouri State University - Dr. Carlos Vargas
  2. State Technical College of Missouri - Dr. Shawn Strong
  3. Truman State University - Dr. Susan L. Thomas
  4. University of Central Missouri - Dr. Roger Best
  5. University of Missouri - Dr. Mun Choi
  6. University of Missouri - Kansas City - Dr. C. Mauli Agrawal
  7. Washington University - Dr. Andrew D. Martin
  8. Westminster College - Donald P. Lofe Jr.