Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our number one frequently asked question is from users who cannot access their account, and the ‘reset my password’ is not working for them. Almost 100% of the solutions to this issue are that users do not have an active account. In January, when SMART was re-launched on our site with upgrades, we had our programmer remove any accounts that did not hold an active certificate, as many of them were very old. If you are not receiving a password reset link, and not sure when you last certified with SMART, please try to register a new account before sending an inquiry. If you are positive you have an active account with us, and need password assistance, visit the ‘Contact’ tab on this site or in your SMART account.

If you are experiencing issues viewing the training, make sure your internet browser is up to date!

Minimum recommended system requirements needed to run the training:

What is new about the SMART program after the re-launch?

After switching programmers and undergoing some maintenance and updates, the SMART program is now more user and mobile friendly. The registration process now requires less information, and allows you to choose your own password, rather than having a random one emailed to you. Employees may now connect to multiple establishments, and there can be multiple managers attached to a singular establishment. The SMART exam is now more accessible to take over time, so servers and sellers don’t feel rushed, and can really learn the information. Managers now only have access to employee’s names and the date that they passed their exam.

Why is it important to affiliate with my place of work?

When you affiliate with the establishment where you work, you can view relevant policies for your establishment and the establishment can maintain a listing of certified employees through SMART.

How do I sign up for the SMART program?

Please refer to the ‘Home’ page or ‘Server’s page for instructions on how to register an account on the SMART site. Managers, please refer to the ‘Manager’s page.

As a manager, can I sign my employees up for the SMART program?

No, you may not. With the changes to the login and registration system, individual employees should set up their own account with their own e-mail address. As this account will follow them, regardless of their place of employment, managers or owners should refrain from creating accounts for employees. It is the policy of the SMART program that individual servers and sellers should set up their own accounts using their e-mail address. Any attempt by anyone other than the individual server/seller to create an e-mail address or an account through the SMART system for the server/seller is considered fraud by the policy.

What if I do not have an e-mail address?

You can easily get a free e-mail address through yahoo or google. Visit their sites for more information.

Do I have to get my entire staff together at the same time to participate in SMART?

No. SMART is available online 24/7, so your employees can take it when and where works best for them. This is also beneficial if you have high turnover in your place of business.

How long does it take to complete the program?

It takes approximately one hour to complete the SMART program.

What if an employee changes work locations?

Employees can add and remove establishment connections via the ‘relationships’ tab in the training.

Can I customize SMART to my establishment’s policies?

Yes. You can customize policies such as the forms of acceptable IDs at your establishment and the age of persons allowed to enter your establishment. You can do this on the manager side of SMART under the ‘policies’ tab.

How will I know if my employees have gone through the training?

Employees have the opportunity to print off their certificate of completion for their/your records, or you can monitor the progress of all of your employees on the manager page. Please encourage your employees to affiliate with your business in the “relationships” tab.

How do my employees access the SMART program?

Employees can access SMART by following the link here:

How do I get a discount on my insurance by using SMART?

United States Liability Insurance Company offers a 15% discount on liquor liability insurance with 100% employee certification. Other insurance companies may offer a similar discount. Our suggestion is to certify 100% of your employees with SMART and present this information to your insurance provider. The SMART Coordinator can provide a letter for your insurer if necessary.

SMART is sponsored by MoDOT, fully supported by the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control, and is coordinated through the Wellness Resource Center at the University of Missouri.
Support for this campaign provided with federal highway safety grant funds from the Missouri Department of Transportation.