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Resources for Colleges & Universities

Find a Missouri campus to support your recovery needs

Jefferson College
  1. Kristine Bogue -
Maryville University, Maryville University Recovery Group View Brochure
  1. Linda Meyers -
  2. Verne Wilson -

Missouri State University (MSU), SoBEAR View Brochure
  1. Jerilyn Reed, Student Wellness, Taylor Health & Wellness Center -
  2. Justin Johns, Substance Abuse Assistance Specialist -

Missouri University of Science & Technology (S&T), Miners for Recovery View Brochure
  1. Lynne Davidson -

Northwest Missouri State University Sober in College View Brochure
  1. Rachel Mayfield -

Saint Louis University (SLU), SLU Recovery Group View Brochure
  1. Jay Winig -

University of Central Missouri (UCM)
  1. Adriatik Likcani, Ph.D., LMFT -

University of Missouri (MU), Collegiate Recovery Program
  1. Michelle McDowell, Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Coordinator -

Washington University in St. Louis View Brochure

Considering a school that you don’t see listed here? Contact us at for more information.

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