Welcome to National Recovery Month!

National Recovery Month is a special opportunity to recognize and celebrate the many victories that individuals in recovery have overcome. As a society, we take this month to recognize individuals in recovery from a place of compassion, validation, and acceptance, rather than a place of judgment and stigmatizing beliefs; something which we should be doing every day of the year. Recovery is no easy feat, but it is one of the most rewarding journeys that someone can find themselves on. Recovery reminds individuals that they are worthy and deserving of all of life’s joys, stronger than anyone can imagine, and that healing is always possible.

As a school professional or student of a Missouri university/college, you have the incredible opportunity to get educated and increase your awareness on collegiate recovery. Through Missouri Partners in Prevention (PIP) and Missouri Alliance of Collegiate Recovery Organizations (MACRO), you have access to an online, self-paced program called Recovery Ally Training. In recognition of National Recovery Month, I challenge you to participate in this online training in order to be the best ally you can be to someone in recovery. With 213 students across Missouri reporting on the Missouri Assessment of College Health Behaviors (2021) that they are in recovery from substance use, with an additional 71 students selecting ‘Prefer Not to Respond’, we need to be ready and prepared to be the best support we can be to someone in recovery. Creating a safe, welcoming, validating, and accepting environment is imperative.

What is encouraging and empowering is that we can play an active role in creating that safe space and culture of care for our peers in recovery. Will you join us in creating that environment and culture? We need you!

If you are in recovery, I am so proud of you. Keep up the incredible work every second of every day. If you are finding your way to recovery, you are worthy of the peace and joy on the other side. There is no doubt in my mind that YOU can do this. If you do not identify as being in recovery, but are ready to be an ally to those who are, thank you. We need you. We need you ready to stand up for those in recovery, advocating for their needs, and letting those in recovery know that they are seen, validated, and accepted. Thank you for joining us in that.

I wish everyone a month full of compassionate recognition, acceptance, and empowerment!

By Katherine Melton, MPH, MCHES
Consultant, Advocate, Mental and Public Health Professional
FB @integratedwellbeingconsulting
IG @integratedwellbeing_consulting
TikTok @integratedwellbeing

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