5 Summer Wellness Tips

Summer is a time when many people feel a little bit better simply because we get some extra sunlight, maybe a vacation, and some great outdoor options. But summer can also present some challenges for our well-being. For those who may be feeling a little “blah” this summer, here are five summer-specific wellness tips that may help usher the sunshine back into your life!

Summer-Specific Wellness Tips

Focus on Function Over Form: Many of our warm summer activities result in showing more of ourselves than we may be used to or comfortable with. Additionally, media and diet culture have long inundated us with the idea of an ideal “summer body” or specific ways someone is supposed to look at summer events or in summer clothing.

However, we can reclaim some of this by focusing on the function over the form of our bodies. Simple examples may include enjoying the ability to go on a walk rather than criticizing the size of our legs or enjoying the feel of our body in the water rather than focusing on the appearance of a swimsuit. When we focus on what our body does rather than only valuing what it looks like, the opportunity for gratitude grows exponentially.

Earthing: This unbelievably simple, and scientifically backed, wellness technique is much easier to practice in the warm summer months. In short, it is the practice of putting ourselves in contact with the earth through barefoot walking, sitting, lying in the grass, etc. Simply standing or walking barefoot on the ground has been associated with reducing inflammation, increased immune response, psychological improvement, and more. Even ten minutes a day has been shown to be helpful.

Summer Morning & Evening Routines: Extended daylight hours make it so we aren’t having to pack everything that is helpful into such a short time frame. While there are always 24 hours per day, it is nice to have earlier mornings to spend on a walk or sipping coffee or later evenings for sitting outside for extended conversation or hobbies. Consider how you could use your additional daylight hours in ways that are restorative this time of year.

Be a Kid Again: While I’m not sure why, the colder months of the year somehow feel more serious. Alternately, summer months and warmer climates are often associated with more playful activities. So many of us get bogged down in our adulting, forgetting that play is important at all stages of life. Consider a jump off the diving board, a water balloon fight, a bike ride, or a slow-pitch softball game with friends that might reinvigorate the kid in you.

Bring the Outside In: Whether you have a green thumb or not, the beauty that emerges in the summer months is a wonderful opportunity to connect our inside living environments with the outside. There’s a reason why we give flowers and plants when people are sick or grieving. Taking clippings from your own plantings or even just gathering some wildflowers, sticks, and leaf clusters can bring about psychological improvements. No need to wait for one of those traditional moments, go ahead and experience your own arrangements throughout the summer.

If your summer well-being is high, fantastic! It’s a great time of year to enjoy improved mood and experiences. However, if you are struggling consider some of the choices above to usher some of that summer sunshine into your mind and mood. Happy summer!

June 12, 2023. By Anne Rulo, Author, Speaker, Therapist. FB/IG/Twitter @annemrulo 

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