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Year 1 College Behavior Profile

Thank you for your interest in the Year 1 College Behavior Profile for your campus for the Fall 2022 semester. Missouri Partners in Prevention contracts with the University of Nebraska to bring the Year 1 CBP to campuses across Missouri. In Fall 2021, 10 PIP campuses implemented the program.

laptopThe Year 1 CBP is a training program for pre-matriculated freshmen students aimed at educating about alcohol and cannabis use.

The online training takes about 20 minutes and includes a questionnaire to assess the student’s current use of both alcohol and cannabis. Specific education about your campus policies and resources are provided. Additionally, students are given feedback about their current use as it relates to other first year students at your campus. This data is taken from the Missouri Assessment of Collegiate Health Behaviors. After the implementation of the program, your campus will receive a report of the substance use and abuse behaviors of your students in order to implement more effective prevention strategies in the first several months of campus.

All campuses are given access to an administrative portal to turn the program on/off and download user data. Students will be listed in the program by their student number, but no other information, such as name or email address will be collected.

Students will start the program and provide basic demographic information, including their student number. Your campus will provide us with a list of questions you are interested in asking by filling out this client information form. You will also list policies, resources, etc you would like listed in the program. Missouri PIP will provide the data for the program and work directly with UNL on the build of your specific campus site.

Students will get different slides depending on if they note that they are a drinker or an abstainer from alcohol. Information about the relationship between alcohol and sexual assault is included.

The program has been reviewed and approved by the University of Missouri Department of Information Technology and includes a SSO (single sign on option for the administrative portal) for campuses who have that security requirement.

Program screenshots

We have included some journal articles which reference the success of the program (previously called the CAP).

Campuses who began implementation in summer/fall 2021

Tentative timeline


TBA. Partners in Prevention funds can be used for the program.

College Behavior Profile

Additionally, we are also pleased to provide the College Behavior Profile to campuses who implement the CBP. This is a program which is available throughout the year to campuses to use in place of other alcohol and cannabis screening tools. University of Missouri, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Truman State University, Jefferson College, and University of Central Missouri will use the CBP in the fall of 2021.