Together in Recovery

As I shared in my earlier post, recovery can be a challenging journey, but it will be one of the most rewarding journeys that someone will find themselves on. Recovery does not only open life up to one that is free of substances, but it opens life up to the many joys, gifts, and victories that are ahead. These are joys, gifts, and victories that are just on the other side in recovery.

While recovery can be challenging, there is also much hope to be found. There is a wealth of resources available, both in-person and virtually, that can help someone on their path to recovery and health. Knowing that there are resources available provides hope knowing that someone does not have to go on their recovery journey alone. Recovery is a journey that no one deserves to go on alone either.

Whether support is found through collegiate recovery programs/organizations on any of the seven Missouri campuses currently offering these programs, through Missouri Alliance of Collegiate Recovery Organizations (MACRO), recovery support groups, or through virtual connections like recovery phone applications, help is available. Hope is there. Healing is possible!

Throughout National Recovery Month, various resources will be shared; including learning more about the number of students on our Missouri campuses who are bravely walking their recovery journey. More than anything though, you will learn and witness the beauty of recovery, and will be reminded of the hope and support that is also available.

The University of Missouri’s Partners in Prevention (PIP) has worked diligently and passionately to ensure that our Missouri students, staff, and faculty across the state are provided the support in recovery that they deserve. No one should be in a place where they are deciding between staying on their campus and challenging their recovery. PIP not only speaks to the changes and support that is needed, but puts the action behind the words to bring about the change that is desired. If you find that support is needed, help is there. Connect with PIP about what support is available and what next best steps are present.

You are not alone.

By Katherine Melton, MPH, MCHES. 9.26.22
Consultant, Advocate, Mental and Public Health Professional
FB @integratedwellbeingconsulting
IG @integratedwellbeing_consulting
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